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Imagine setting off on a journey without having any clue where you’re going or what you’re going to do when you get there. Some might call that crazy. We called it NEXTPEDITION.



Today, travel has become routine. Thanks to the convenience of modern technology we have every aspect of our trip planed, programed and arranged down to the smallest detail. In the process, we’ve managed to plan, program and arrange the spontaneity right out of the equation. Travel used to be about discovery and the journey, today it’s just one predictable tourist trap after another.

How do we bring the adventure back to travel?

Instead of letting technology spoil the fun, we thought we’d use it to allow travelers to let go. We created a custom travel experience called NEXTPEDITION, where travelers relied on a hand-held device to reveal surprise destinations and day-by-day recommendations tailored to their interests and personalities. Essentially, we dared people to embark on a journey without knowing where they’re going or even what they’ll be doing once they get there.

But we didn’t just throw a dart at a map and put them on a plane. Before sending them off into the great unknown, we asked a few questions. Once we got a bead on their personality and what they were into, we set these daring adventurers up with a travel sign (imagine a horoscope for travel), a digital travel console, a customized dossier, access to a global network of travel experts and a few words of advice, “Be ready for what’s next.”





To help us create the perfect travel experience, we got to know our NEXTPEDITIONers via an online personality quiz. Once they discovered their Travel Sign, we took advantage of American Express Travel’s global expertise and connections to plan an trip they’ll never forget.







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