Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout


Domino’s Pizza needed more Facebook ‘likes’ to maintain their dominance in a highly competitive social media pizza war. And they were willing to give away 10,080 free pizzas, one every 60 seconds for an entire week, to get it done. Now for most businesses, a ‘like’ for a pizza might have been a acceptable trade off. But this was war.


Potty Mouth Alert: Turn the volume down if the kids are nearby.


We came back to Domino’s with a question, “Why just give pizza away, when you can get everyone on Facebook to fight over them?” So we built a mind-numbingly addictive 8-bit arcade themed game on Domino’s Facebook page, and had pizza fanatics blow the crap out of as many pixelated pizzas as they could in thirty seconds to try and win one. Highest score wins the pizza – 1,440 pizza shootouts a day, 10,080 pizza shootouts a week. The price of admission? One Facebook like. The results? 515,353 visits, 783,245 games played, 214,200 ‘Likes’ and apparently a few minor freak-outs, all in just seven days. Oh, and then there was that whole Noid thing.













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