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You know you love it.

The truth is delicious.

For 75 years, parents have been surreptitiously skimming spoonfuls of Mac & Cheese off of their children’s plates. It’s time to expose these shameful family indiscretions and the self-serving parents that perpetrate them. In the interest of ensuring equal portions of gooey, cheesy macaroni at all family dinners, and to give grownups permission to openly enjoy their own delicious serving of Kraft Mac & Cheese, we issued these public service announcements calling out the twisted truths behind Mac & Cheese denial.

TV: Conceptual/Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

TV: Conceptual/Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

You’ve been served.

After calling parents out for sneaking spoonfuls of their kid’s delicious Mac & Cheese, we felt it was time for families to call a truce. And we figured they’d want it in writing.

*Legally binding ingredient not included with print ad.

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