You know you love it
Role: Art Director | Integrated campaign | Film, Director: Hank Perlman | Print | OOH | Digital
The truth is… WTAF?
For generations, parents have been living a lie. They’ve been hiding their love for gooey, cheesy Kraft mac & cheese while surreptitiously skimming spoonfuls of it off of their children’s plates. It’s time for the truth to come out — and dad, if you can’t dish it out, don’t take it — or something like that. The point is, after seventy-five years of dinnertime filching, we thought it was time to call-out these self-serving parents — and let them enjoy their own serving of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. On their own plate.
And the lifetime achievement award for dinnertime filching goes to…
This TV spot celebrating seventy-five years of dinnertime deliciousness featured Seymour Cassel and pretty much won the Oscars for its one and only appearance during the Academy Awards ceremony.
Who taught you how to do this stuff?

Parents who skim Mac & Cheese, have kids who skim Mac & Cheese. Here’s your proof.
Mom, Dad, you’ve been served.
After calling parents out for sneaking spoonfuls of their kid’s delicious Mac & Cheese, we felt it was time for families to call it a truce. And we figured they’d want it in writing.
You Know You Love rectangles.
During my stint working on KRAFT Mac & Cheese, my partner and I helped with a series of regional ad buys in major markets across the country that included airport and train station takeovers and a variety of out-of-home placements. There was a lot of blue rectangles to fill. Here are a few of my favorites.
Art and copy contributions.
Contextual Outdoor | New York, Chicago, Los Angeles

Mind our steps on the way out.

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