What if a travel agent sent people on trips without telling them where they’re going or what they’ll be doing when they get there? Some folks might call that crazy. We called it NEXTPEDITION.



American Express Travel wanted to get folks psyched about travel again. So to bring back the sense of adventure and rekindle the romantic notions of travel, we created NEXTPEDITION – customized mystery trips tailored to the personalities types of individual travelers and designed to induce the kind of spontaneous behavior that makes travel exciting again. Then we provided the tools to guide them on their epic journey as it literally unfolds before their eyes.


It all started with an online personality quiz:



First they answered a few questions.

Nextpedition 01_900


Next they were assigned a travel sign based on their answers.

Nextpedition 02_900


Next thing you know, a package arrives and they’re on your way.

Nextpedition Dossier Lorez_o_900

Nextpedition Console MedRez RGB_o_900

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