You Know You Love It

Art Direction, Conceptual, Design

The first step in dealing with a mac & cheese obsession is admitting that you have a problem.
After calling parents out for skimming their kids mac & cheese, we felt it was time for families to call a truce. And we figured they’d want it in writing.
Next we headed out to Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City to let the grown-ups know we’re on to them.



Psst! Up here. It’s the noodle. You may have heard of me. I’m out on the street spreading a little unconditional joy. A simple elbow shaped pasta that doesn’t care who you are, or what your private obsession might be. That doesn’t examine, or judge, or target, or serve up programmatic ads for things you’ve Googled online, or offer an immersive retail experience based on your purchasing patterns. No pressure. No hard sell. No strings attached. Just a little old school blue sign keeping it real with a wink and a smile from a brand you probably secretly love.

• WORK •