Student Ads
Role: Art Director | Print campaign | Concept | Design | Copy \ Production
Student ads that don’t suck.
Here’s an award winning subscription ad campaign for Playboy magazine that I made when I was in ad school. After getting my first taste of small-time award show glory (by accident), I set my sights on learning how to make an ad that didn’t suck. Here’s where I ended up the following year with my second award show attempt…
American Advertising Awards
Advertising Awards

2007 Student Advertising
National Gold / Best Of Show

Young Guns International Awards
Young Guns
International Awards

2007 Student Advertising
International finalist

Applied Arts Advertising Awards
Applied Arts
Advertising Awards

2007 Student Advertising
National finalist

Print: Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

Even with the obvious sexiness, these pieces still manage to go above the expected and surprise the viewer with its cleverness and wit.

Wait, there’s more.

Designed to take advantage of men’s inability to never miss a scantily clad woman, and highly appropriate for the content of the host magazine, this insert does it’s job well.

As Hunter says,
‘Everybody knows that if a hot chick hands you a magazine insert – you take it’.

Photography by Paul Savage

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