Unpretentious Underwear Ads

When Fruit of the Loom asked us to help launch a new line of premium men’s underwear, putting ads in fancy men’s fashion magazines just seemed like the thing to do.




It turns out most of the underwear ads in those magazines are more style than substance. And since Fruit of the Loom isn’t exactly known for their stylish undies, we went with substance.




Just in case our blunt but sexy looking ads didn’t prove that Fruit of the Loom belonged in their metrosexual magazines, we threw in one of those scented strip thingies.


Body copy: It seems like everyone does fragrance strips in these magazines. Which we like. It gives us new ways to show off our Select boxer briefs. Not only can you see how great our underwear looks, but you can also smell our premium, super-soft ringspun cotton. Give the tab a pull and smell for yourself. Go ahead.
Flap copy: Take a sniff. Notice the bouquet. It’s a complex mix of pure U.S. grown cotton and cutting-edge spinning technology. With a finish that evokes fresh linens hung on a cool fall morning. Enjoy.*

*Our scent strip doesn’t actually smell like our boxer briefs. However, if you close your eyes and breath deeply, you might get an imaginary but subtle hint of super-soft cotton, gently ringspun with delicate notes of beautiful Kentucky bluegrass. Mmmm. Doesn’t that imaginary smell smell nice?




The ol’ ‘click-bait’ & switch ploy. Here we are elbowing our way into one of their online magazines.




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