Father’s Day GIFs

Nobody makes a fuss over Father’s Day. Which is exactly the way dads like it. So with that in mind, we created a registry of “no-fuss” Father’s Day gifts that only a dad could truly appreciate.




First we grabbed a few fatherly looking colleagues from around the agency and made shareable animated GIF coupons that gave dads permission to indulge in the simple pleasures of being dad.


FOTL_AllDayUndiePass FOTL_BaconInBed

FOTL_DadDogTime FOTL_KingOfGrill

FOTL_NapTime FOTL_RemoteControlMine


Then we built a home for them on fruit.com and added seamless integration with their e-commerce site to drive sales of another easy gift that only a father could love; a Fruit of the Loom Classic Tee. This was all done in-house on a limited budget – so no big productions and not a lot of fuss. You’re welcome dad.











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