Feed the Kid

Role: Art Director | Concept and development | Digital
Food for thought.
What’s the fastest way to convince parents that one serving of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has more protein than an avocado? Simple, tell them no commercial-free TV until the kid eats at least 9 grams of protein. This interactive pre-roll ad offered Hulu viewers an uninterrupted movie experience if they could serve up a nutritious, protein-rich dinner to our fussy virtual eater. They just had to figure out which dish had the most protein first (spoiler alert: it’s not the pizza rolls).

your TV show is about to start.
At the end of the day, parents look forward to relaxing in front of the television with their family. But wait! You’ve got to figure out what to feed them first.
You need real food, Real fast.
Mac & Cheese is easy, but does it count as real food? I mean, are you just loading them up on carbs and processed cheese, or does it have like … protein in it?
let’s explore a few options.
We gave parents a chance to try out a few dinner options on our virtual kid using our proprietary protein measuring technology to see how Mac & Cheese stacks up against other go-to family mealtime contenders.
On with the show.
After we put parents minds at ease by proving that Mac & Cheese has enough protein to make it a reasonably nutritious choice for family dinners, we rewarded them with a commercial free show on Hulu. Somebody get the lights please.

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