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Feed the Kid.

Food for thought.

What’s the fastest way to show parents that one serving of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has more protein than an avocado? Simple, tell them no commercial-free TV until the kid eats his “9 grams of protein.” This interactive pre-roll ad offered viewers an uninterrupted movie experience if they could serve up a nutritious, protein-rich dinner to our fussy virtual eater. They just had to figure out which dish had the most protein first (spoiler alert: it’s not the pizza rolls).

TV: Conceptual/Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

The kids are hungry.

Parents look forward to relaxing in front of the television with their family after a busy day. But wait! You’ve got to figure out what to feed your family first.

They need something nutritious.

Parents need a meal that’s easy to make and nutritious. Mac & Cheese is always a crowd pleaser, but does that count as real food? Are you just loading them up on carbs, or does it have like … actual protein in it?

Protein is good for you.

By selecting from the four mealtime options laid out in front of our virtual kid, parents discovered how Mac & Cheese’s nine grams of protein stack up against other go-to family mealtime favorites.

On with the show.

After we put parents minds at ease with the help of our virtual kid, we rewarded viewers with a commercial free show on Hulu.

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