Pizza Shootout
Role: Art Director | Social engagement campaign | Concept and initial development | Digital
Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout.
For seven straight days, our mind-numbingly addictive 8-bit arcade style video game, made exclusively for Domino’s Facebook page, gave away one free pizza every sixty seconds to the player with the highest score during this massive multiplayer online event.

User generated content (Explicit language).

Agency video (unreleased).

User generated content (Explicit language).

How it Happened:

1. Like us.

Domino’s Pizza needed more Facebook ‘likes’ to maintain their dominance in a highly competitive social media pizza war. And they were willing to give away 10,080 free pizzas to get the job done.

2. Wait for it.

Now, for most brands, a pizza for a ‘like’ might have been an acceptable trade off. But this was war.

3. Shoot pizza.

We came back to Domino’s with a question, “Why just give pizza away, when you can get the entire internet to fight over them?”

4. Win pizza.

It went like this: The player with the highest score wins a free pizza, one new chance to win every sixty seconds, for one week. That’s 1,440 pizza shootouts a day and 10,080 winners for the week. The price of admission? One Facebook like.

5. Get results.

The results? Not too shabby. 515,353 visits, 783,245 games played, 214,200 ‘Likes’, one briefly broken internet and apparently a few minor freak-outs, all in fun and all in just seven days.

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