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Liquid Gold Rush

There’s gold in them there shells.

To taste Velveeta is to experience processed cheese perfection — which is likely to trigger an unholy obsession fed by the rush of Liquid Gold fever. It probably has something to do with it’s unmitigated meltiness, it’s flawless consistency, it’s rich creamy taste and it’s smooth golden sheen. Whatever it is, people are crazy about the stuff and they’re not giving it up. So, whether it’s an inexplicable craving for perfectly melted cheese, a deep yearning for warm cheesey nostalgia, or two hopelessly discombobulated prospectors camped out in a grocery aisle, Kraft humbly suggests that you give in to your Liquid Gold Fever and embrace the absurdity of the whole thing.

TV: Conceptual/Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

“Go on, GIT!”

A couple of trail hardened prospectors from the 1850s discover Liquid Gold in a grocery store aisle.

TV: Conceptual/Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

“It’s gluten.”

Their fever for the rich melty goodness of Velveeta Shells & Cheese leads them to take a few sensible precautions to protect their rightful claim.

TV: Conceptual/Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

“You the law?”

Shelly and The Kid grapple with an onslaught of ornery claim jumpers, hostile natives and shady lawmen.

TV (unreleased): Conceptual/Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

“It’s all mine!”

Hunched over a warm pot of Liquid Gold, somewhere between the asparagus spears and the organic kale, our heroes passed the time by recounting the epic tale of Shelly’s big discovery.

TV: Conceptual/Art Direction by Jeff Hunter

“Devil box!”

Life along the linoleum trail is fraught with unexpected dangers.

Liquid letters.

The continuity of our melting cheese type treatment reinforced the Liquid Gold perfection and velvety smooth consistency of Velveeta throughout the campaign.

Melty metrics.

You can’t quantify meltyness, but you can count click through rates and conversions. Somehow our Liquid Gold Rush banners broke every digital display performance record in the history of Kraft Foods digital display ads. That’s for every Kraft Foods brand. Ever. Weird.

Strike it rich (media).

To introduce Velveeta’s Liquid Gold fever to the digital frontier, and bring home the excitement of striking Liquid Gold, we created a rich media content hub loaded with Velveeta recipes, videos and an opportunity to claim the deed to your very own Liquid Gold mine.

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