Virtual Job Interview

Still wondering if I’m the right guy for the job? Got fifty-seven minutes to kill? Save yourself a little guesswork and watch my virtual job interview with Alex Bogusky and Omid Farhang, the first and perhaps last live job interview ever broadcast in the history of live job interviews.









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Student Work

Here’s a subscription ad campaign for Playboy magazine that I made when I was in school.






“…Designed to take advantage of men’s inability to never miss a scantily clad woman, and highly appropriate for the content of the host magazine, this insert does it’s job well. As Hunter says, ‘Everybody knows that if a hot chick hands you a magazine insert – you take it’. Even with the obvious sexiness, these pieces still manage to go above the expected and surprise the viewer with it’s cleverness and wit.”


Dinnertime Treaty

After calling parents out for pilfering their kids Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in our television spots, we felt it was time for families to call a truce. And we figured they’d want it in writing.






Father’s Day GIFs

Nobody makes a fuss over Father’s Day. Which is exactly the way dads like it. So with that in mind, we created a registry of “no-fuss” Father’s Day gifts that only a dad could truly appreciate.




First we grabbed a few fatherly looking colleagues from around the agency and made shareable animated GIF coupons that gave dads permission to indulge in the simple pleasures of being dad.


FOTL_AllDayUndiePass FOTL_BaconInBed

FOTL_DadDogTime FOTL_KingOfGrill

FOTL_NapTime FOTL_RemoteControlMine


Then we built a home for them on and added seamless integration with their e-commerce site to drive sales of another easy gift that only a father could love; a Fruit of the Loom Classic Tee. This was all done in-house on a limited budget – so no big productions and not a lot of fuss. You’re welcome dad.











Unpretentious Underwear Ads

When Fruit of the Loom asked us to help launch a new line of premium men’s underwear, putting ads in fancy men’s fashion magazines just seemed like the thing to do.




It turns out most of the underwear ads in those magazines are more style than substance. And since Fruit of the Loom isn’t exactly known for their stylish undies, we went with substance.




Just in case our blunt but sexy looking ads didn’t prove that Fruit of the Loom belonged in their metrosexual magazines, we threw in one of those scented strip thingies.


Body copy: It seems like everyone does fragrance strips in these magazines. Which we like. It gives us new ways to show off our Select boxer briefs. Not only can you see how great our underwear looks, but you can also smell our premium, super-soft ringspun cotton. Give the tab a pull and smell for yourself. Go ahead.
Flap copy: Take a sniff. Notice the bouquet. It’s a complex mix of pure U.S. grown cotton and cutting-edge spinning technology. With a finish that evokes fresh linens hung on a cool fall morning. Enjoy.*

*Our scent strip doesn’t actually smell like our boxer briefs. However, if you close your eyes and breath deeply, you might get an imaginary but subtle hint of super-soft cotton, gently ringspun with delicate notes of beautiful Kentucky bluegrass. Mmmm. Doesn’t that imaginary smell smell nice?




The ol’ ‘click-bait’ & switch ploy. Here we are elbowing our way into one of their online magazines.





What if a travel agent sent people on trips without telling them where they’re going or what they’ll be doing when they get there? Some folks might call that crazy. We called it NEXTPEDITION.



American Express Travel wanted to get folks psyched about travel again. So to bring back the sense of adventure and rekindle the romantic notions of travel, we created NEXTPEDITION – customized mystery trips tailored to the personalities types of individual travelers and designed to induce the kind of spontaneous behavior that makes travel exciting again. Then we provided the tools to guide them on their epic journey as it literally unfolds before their eyes.


It all started with an online personality quiz:



First they answered a few questions.

Nextpedition 01_900


Next they were assigned a travel sign based on their answers.

Nextpedition 02_900


Next thing you know, a package arrives and they’re on your way.

Nextpedition Dossier Lorez_o_900

Nextpedition Console MedRez RGB_o_900


Instant recipe videos on Instagram. Short, sweet and shareable, that’s how these Jell-o recipes reached nearly 20,000 shares and four million views on Facebook.



We also made these strangely mesmerizing six second ingredient teasers set to an odd mix of tasty tracks. Once they start playing, click them again to hear the awesomeness.



Directors Cut


Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout

Why would Domino’s give away 10,080 free pizzas just for clicking a ‘like’ button when getting every hungry pizza fanatic on Facebook to fight over them at the same time would be so much more fun?



To give their fan base numbers a boost, we built Domino’s a massive 10,080 round mega-multiplayer pizza shooting game for their Facebook page. And to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Domino’s all-time most annoying campaign mascot, we turned it into a classic arcade-style video game featuring the Noid.

For the price of one Facebook ‘Like’, throngs of fans competed against each other for a chance to win a free pizza – one every sixty seconds for an entire week – by blowing the crap out of as many pizzas as they can in thirty seconds. The campaign resulted in 515,353 visits, 783,245 games played, 214,200 ‘Likes’ and apparently a few minor freak-outs in just seven days.











Liquid Gold Rush

A couple of trail hardened Liquid Gold prospectors from the 1850’s stake their claim in the Velveeta aisle.